Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Fate 3.0 Games

This has been a very good week for fans of Fate 3.0 RPGs. And I'm a huge Fate fan.

Evil Hat Productions released the PDF versions of the Dresden Files RPG. For those who don't know, this game is based on Jim Butcher's best selling series. If you're at all interested in urban fantasy, you must read these books. Then buy the game.

The RPG comes in two volumes: Your Story and Our World. I've just started reading Volume 1, but I've already run into a reference to a caffeinomancer. Seriously, buy this game.

Next, Cubicle 7 Entertainment has released Legends of Anglerre. This basically brings the Starblazers treatment to fantasy. I haven't picked this one up yet (I have hundreds and hundreds of pages of Dresden to read first), but I definitely plan to.

It's interesting, one of my only complaints about the Fate system was the lack of any magic systems, and now we have two entries with strong magical components.

Life is good.


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