Friday, June 13, 2014

Gen Con

I've just submitted four Fate Core games for Gen Con:

City of Shadows is a Quirky, dark urban fantasy. The characters range from an animated stuffed teddy bear with pistols and a bad attitude, to a student of drunken sorcery. More information can be found here.

Rescuing Dr. Dinosaur is an Atomic Robo game. Behold the power of crystals! Your pathetic mammalian brains cannot possibly understand the inner workings of Dr. Dinosaur's "Time Vortex." But, when something goes wrong, you may be his (and the worlds) last chance.

A Quiet Extraction is a Mindjammer game. You must infiltrate a paranoid, computer-aged world and extract a mass murderer hiding there, while avoiding attention of both the xenophobic government and the Venu agents operating there.

The Tome of Tjar Viscal is a D&Dish high fantasy adventure for Fate Core. You have been hired by a scribe to enter the ruins of a once great city and find the last known copy of a famous book. I'm tentatively planning on letting players create custom characters by selecting index cards: A race card, an occupation card, and one or more Stunt cards.

I'll post more when/if they get approved.


Blogger James Introcaso said...

Hey, sir. A friend and I are in your FATE game at 8 tonight and we will be a few minutes late. We're podcast era coming from an interview that got rescheduled for 7:30. Sorry! I hope you get this! Wanted to give a heads up. Also we're the worst and haven't played FATE before.

12:42 PM  

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